Harper's Photography

Portrait Photography for/with your four legged friends!

It’s said that Britain is a nation of animal lovers and as the owner of headstrong black Labs over the years, I do love the bond that we humans can make with our equine and canine friends. It is this relationship and love between man and animal that I love to capture. If you’d like to be photographed with your pet, I would love to be your photographer to capture timeless images. Please call me for more details.  

K9 Woodland Services at Cane End.

Harper’s Photography is the approved photographer at K9 Woodland Services in Cane End. K9 Woodland Services has 3 secure areas for you to exercise your dog – plus an agility area. We can create some beautiful portraits of you and your four legged friend in woodland or open setting. Call me for more details.

07767 21278

Beautiful Hungarian Visla puppies keeping still for a family portrait!

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